We have helped over 500 clients develop their fashion lines through using three principles {Communication - Organization - Technology]

We can start the process at various Stages:

1 - You have concept but need help with design and finding resources for fabric, trim, etc.

In most cases we advise starting with our consulting program to help you build a strong foundation, and then design the line and develop samples.

In this process we will work with you on creating styles that fir your design story and company vision.

Afterward, we will help you to secure the fabric, trim, and any other sources that are needed to construct the styles. [Then onto technical development]

2 - You already have your line designed

We can start by translating your styles into technical language so the PATTERNMAKERS and Sewers know how to put it together by their standards.

3 - You have patterns and samples but need to produce duplicates or a mini production

We will review what elements of the puzzle you have in place, then cross reference with our standard checklist, and then we will prepare it for production.

Tech Design

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